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Posted by Mabel Athena on March 8, 2017 at 8:10 PM

As she gazed into the mirror, Flaunta noticed a shadow behind her. She looked back, but saw nothing. As she gazed again at her reflection, the mysterious shadow appeared again; as if it could only be seen within the reflection casted in front of her. She wondered what it meant, then the shadow took form. A beautiful woman appeared, she introduced herself as the Mother of all Beings called Dantor. Flaunta turned around, but again, nothing was there. She looked back into the mirror and the mysterious Dantor was standing right beside her. "With confidence comes glory, with glory comes peace, with peace comes wholeness, with wholeness comes beauty" Dantor whispered in her ear. Flaunta then felt a surge of energy enter her body. She looked down at her toes that were tingling, then back up at her reflection. Dantor was no longer there. She then looked beside her, again nothing was there. Then she gazed back at her own reflection. Her eyes eluminated, her cheeks were glowing, and her hair shimmered. Flaunta didn't recognize herself. She closed her eyes, then opened them again. Her reflection was back to normal. "What happened", she wondered. "Am I dreaming", she thought. All she could do was stare at herself in the mirror, so she introduced herself to her own reflection, as  "Flaunta, Goddess of Confidence"

Mabel Athena

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