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Joost Vande Vondel, Poet Dutch Imperialism

Posted by Mabel Athena on September 23, 2016 at 5:35 AM

Interepretation of: Quoted in David Ogg, Europe in the Seventeenth Century

During a time when artitsts felt fear to express their opinions, thoughts, and beliefs; A poet by the name of Joost Vande Vondel, of Dutch Imperialism, hid reasoning behind a literary mase.

Masking present day saloons of Amstel with mugs of, "All nations accepted except Carrie". And predicting phallus' would make merchants compete with sea sickness. The only option left would be competing for a new western world through the politics of dogmas. Leaving the once Nomads of mating cousins, who worshipped one god, to rule over the glitter splender of talking photos.

Mabel Athena

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