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Posted by Mabel Athena on August 2, 2018 at 10:05 AM

In the year 2074 Earth as we know it has survived the third ice age. The poles shifted so much off its axis that solid masses of continents no longer exist and have been replaced with a copious amount of broken off 'islands'. Lands that were once thought to be part of mythical tales have reemerged to the surface after millennias. The force of the shifting poles drowned the Iberian Peninsula, parts of the Mediterranean, and Easter Island. Volcanoes have become common back drops of the horizons and the pendulum like force of the cosmic regeneration brought forth the biggest wave of conscious shift along with it. My name is Thea and I am part of the revolution. The global operation has successfully established an universal government and has done away with the politics of dogmas. We are the protectors of the ancient relics found when Atlantis, the ancient city of Egypt called Heracleion, and the lost continent Mu resurfaced. Moral truths govern our planet now, and hell only exist in history. We are all citizens of the planet Earth.

Mabel Athena

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