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The Scant Has To Be Understood Before the Copious

Posted by Mabel Athena on August 23, 2016 at 10:25 PM

Understanding the Divine Power of whatever magical force you believe to be grander than your own warrants a copious understanding of Infinite Energy, overwhelming the human psyche. Like our intellectual ancestors have done, the Divine Energy was divided into compartments. Making it easier for others to comprehend Divine Power - in sections. Harnessing targeted energy becomes easier. Imagine a high rise building. Brilliant and breathe taking, but every window captures a different perception. Those vantage points do not take away from the high rise, just heightens the bigger picture. Imagine the vantage point a person gains when on the roof top of the high rise building. The panoramic view becomes spell bounding. On the same page, imagine always looking out the same window of the second floor. Your imagination is capped. That is all the mind will ever know and ever see. Explore the Wells of Perception. Keep flipping notions while climbing up stairs to dive down deeper, leading you into your own bliss. A bliss that is untouched. The scant has to be understood before the copious is allowed. When energy is fully comprehended, the perception that every belief is valid and true can be easily seen from the roof top of the high rise building. Ego and Pride creates blinders, hindering perception by focusing on a straight line and never allowing the mind to venture into peripheral vision. Desires are manifested within dogmas because of being unaware of our own powers when collectively focusing on energy, willing it into existence. Like Ford said, 'Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, either way you are right'. Become more aware of your thoughts; imagination governs your surroundings and your perception within those surroundings. 

Mabel Athena

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