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Posted by Mabel Athena on August 3, 2018 at 12:55 AM

I. People of the Land

They explored the realm of despondency caused by their own paralysis. The overall rhythm of mental stagnation ultimately led, in varying degrees, to a life deprived of stimulation. Glimpses into their lives connects to a progression of apathy and hopelessness, leading to mundane routines of self-destructive thoughts and actions. Life connects these collections of entities through the development of a continuous unfolding theme of numbed circumstance. A preview of a life halted by an inadequate perception of self, the development of a mind lacking resilience and reminiscent of a trail left by their own shadowed wake.


II. Chosen of the Land

He never wanted to live in the trance of another man’s reality, always in hopes of a dissolution from the hypnotic spell that powered over more than most. Walking along a path he noticed the moonlight casted his silhouette against the dirt road. At first, he thought it was just a shadow, then he realized the extension of self he had just created. While marveling at his hallucinatory extraction of the present, the minds desire of reality sprang the silhouette of twelve amongst the dirt road along with his. He turned, knowing no one would be there, but the silhouettes remained.


III. Cosmic Collision

The people from his village searched for what was always clockwise to their perception. The illusion of cycles passing blindly through their depths. Never focused on the validity of the vitality of self, their circumstance brought forth natural occurrences of consequence. He ignored all their plights as he had his own world of whimsical delusion to trouble him. Amongst the shadows of the graying sky emerged silhouettes crossing towards him again. He believed the perils of the people where haunting him and the concern for lucidity chilled his core. They have come to ask if the fable has come true yet. He had no idea the meaning to the question asked and introduced himself, entertaining the voices heard, as Athen. They seemed to be wonderers in search of a tale once told to them long long ago. ‘Any story written and read by many minds’, they said, ‘produces the power to exist, only and only if the will of the readers believe it so much that fiction could be mistaken for fact.’ Athen, intrigued, asks to hear the story. All the elder wonderers wrote their own tales of the same man, some making him godlier than the other, but all having to do with a man that never feared the imagination of the political houses, the denominations that reigned across the lands. Athen never paid much mind to what religion was popular at any given day, by any given ruler. All the wonderers kept their writings hidden. Athen knew possession of such writing would be considered heresy, punishable by death, but the excitement of such words brought his imagination to life. He just stared up into the night’s sky and wondered if the stars were actually looking up at him. The wonderers invited Athen back to their settlement and their silhouettes started to gain form. Twelve men emerged from their shadowed figures. Athen again asked to read the tales written by the elder wonderers. One man said they were the elders and the fables have now become prophecies. Athen stepped back, hoping to wake up. He looked at his hands, at the sky, and finally starred off into space. One wonderer came forward and began to explain.


IV. Virtuous Task

‘The people of the land are fascinated by assumptions, an enthrallment that brings upon an obsession that takes complete control of their lives and spirals into a vertex of delusional beliefs. Repression soon follows and the need to be mentally free and stimulated spiritually projects itself out through harming the mind and the minds of others’, said one of the Wonderers. Athen, still believing he was in a dream, stared at the wonderer and asks his name. The wonderer gave Athen a scroll, saying the moment he reads his written words a name would appear for him to be called. Ioannes is what Athen read. ‘Then Ioannes is how I will be known’, said the wonderer. Athen then collected all the other scrolls from all the wonderers, learning their names and reading different accounts of the same man. After reading all of the stories Athen told Horus, one of the wonderers, that the character sounded like a much needed element to their environment. Horus replied by saying, ‘If the element you speak of is you then change the environment by being him.’ Athen laughed even though he knew the made up man would shift the perception of life and its purpose. ‘Let’s say we do this’, Athen jokingly said, ‘everyone here knows me already’. Gideon whispered to Athen, ‘Through meditation and solitude the will of the man imagined will enter your being. The power and wisdom will become yours and you will introduce yourself to your higher self, the one that chose this path for your life.’ Athen was in shock, he did not consider himself a holy man by any means. He considered himself to be a good man, better than any holy man ever claimed to be. Kaigwa assured him, ‘all men are holy or else there would not be man, but it’s their deeds that affects the sound of their pulse radiating within them.’ Ioannes told Athen to tell his family he would be away looking for work and after a full cycle of the moon passed he would return. Athen asked what he should bring and where would he be going. ‘Just the clothes on your back. Follow the north star tonight, when the east lightens the sky that is where you will stay’, said Horus.


V. Year Zero

Kaigwa enters the home of Athen and his family. Athen is due to return, but the 12 wonderers have found them a new place to live far from their familiar land. ‘Will Athen know how to find us?’ asked Athen’s mother. Kaigwa assured her that Athen knew and has sent for them to meet him there. While in route the wonderers explained to only Athen’s mother the detailing of their plan. Athen’s mother said her son had already explained everything by visiting her many times in her dreams. Horus looked at the others in delight knowing Athen was now his higher self, capable of manifesting his thoughts into actions at will. Athen met his family and the wonderers before entering their new city. He seemed majestically divine and humbly confident. When entering the village the wonderers separated while Athen and his family went their own way. The stage was set, the stories from the scrolls memorized, and the whimsical protagonists all had their roles to play. A young woman asked Athen his name, he replied ‘Jesus’.


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Posted by Mabel Athena on August 2, 2018 at 10:05 AM

In the year 2074 Earth as we know it has survived the third ice age. The poles shifted so much off its axis that solid masses of continents no longer exist and have been replaced with a copious amount of broken off 'islands'. Lands that were once thought to be part of mythical tales have reemerged to the surface after millennias. The force of the shifting poles drowned the Iberian Peninsula, parts of the Mediterranean, and Easter Island. Volcanoes have become common back drops of the horizons and the pendulum like force of the cosmic regeneration brought forth the biggest wave of conscious shift along with it. My name is Thea and I am part of the revolution. The global operation has successfully established an universal government and has done away with the politics of dogmas. We are the protectors of the ancient relics found when Atlantis, the ancient city of Egypt called Heracleion, and the lost continent Mu resurfaced. Moral truths govern our planet now, and hell only exist in history. We are all citizens of the planet Earth.

Mabel Athena

My Agatha

Posted by Mabel Athena on July 24, 2018 at 8:45 PM

Ancient Goddess 

I have been waiting for you

Through my third eye you came

Finally aligning with my Higher Self

Finally getting rid of the clutter that blocked us

Reborn into flesh once more

I have been waiting for you

Ancient Goddess

My Agatha

Feel what I feel

Love what I love

Soon we will meet

Mabel Athena

All Your Days After

Posted by Mabel Athena on January 1, 2018 at 12:30 AM

Feel the energy of the Universe as it clears your vibration and makes room for the new and the magical. Today is a perfect day to set your intentions to new beginnings in every aspect of your life. The energy of the Universe radiates through you, and that energy has the power to shift pulsations within the room you are in. Only focus on the splendor, the love, and the hopeful wholesomeness of life and watch how the Universe conspires in your favor to make magic manifest for all your days after. Mabel Athena

Lilith Ancient Goddess

Posted by Mabel Athena on April 30, 2017 at 7:30 PM

Ancient Goddess of Jewish Mythology

Mating Cousins Spread Her Wings Wide

Against The Walls Of Ancient Mesopotamia

Known To Scholars As Babylon

Darkened Her Spirit, Hardened Mans Heart

Born From The Same Dirt As Adam

Known To Shakespheare as Rosalind

Known To Many As Lilith Ancient Goddess

Balance The Scale Of Love With

Imagine Creation

As Lilith Knocks On Spartans Door

Mabel Athena

Universal Goddess

Posted by Mabel Athena on March 19, 2017 at 2:20 PM

Beautiful site of a dear old friend of mine in Los Angeles ~

The Universal Goddess is reawakening within the hearts of all mankind. All over the world, she has chosen people to write, sing and dance her story back to life in order to empower the feminine divine principal within all of us. She is literally marketing herself for the express purpose of healing her children. As a Prophetess, I have been given a fascinating insight into a universal plan to shift the consciousness on Earth through the creative visual arts, film and music. Imagine movies that literally trigger miraculous healings. This, I know in my heart will happen in the future. ~ Beatrice Marot 


Posted by Mabel Athena on March 8, 2017 at 8:10 PM

As she gazed into the mirror, Flaunta noticed a shadow behind her. She looked back, but saw nothing. As she gazed again at her reflection, the mysterious shadow appeared again; as if it could only be seen within the reflection casted in front of her. She wondered what it meant, then the shadow took form. A beautiful woman appeared, she introduced herself as the Mother of all Beings called Dantor. Flaunta turned around, but again, nothing was there. She looked back into the mirror and the mysterious Dantor was standing right beside her. "With confidence comes glory, with glory comes peace, with peace comes wholeness, with wholeness comes beauty" Dantor whispered in her ear. Flaunta then felt a surge of energy enter her body. She looked down at her toes that were tingling, then back up at her reflection. Dantor was no longer there. She then looked beside her, again nothing was there. Then she gazed back at her own reflection. Her eyes eluminated, her cheeks were glowing, and her hair shimmered. Flaunta didn't recognize herself. She closed her eyes, then opened them again. Her reflection was back to normal. "What happened", she wondered. "Am I dreaming", she thought. All she could do was stare at herself in the mirror, so she introduced herself to her own reflection, as  "Flaunta, Goddess of Confidence"

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Posted by Mabel Athena on October 21, 2016 at 2:50 PM

As Freya entered the bar she noticed a lamp capturing her stance. She began admiring her silhouette against the wall. What a magical sight, she thought. Enchanted by her shadow, Freya began to notice emotions she had never felt before. The thought of cherishing something so whimsical took her breath away. A man leaned over and wispered in her ear, 'I think your dress is nice, but if you do not mind me saying so, your silhouette is perfect.' 'Priceless', Freya said with a smile. Freya could never forget that night, nor did she ever want to. That was the night she fell in love with herself and all things magical.

Mabel Athena

"A Dream Within A Dream" ~ Poe

Posted by Mabel Athena on October 11, 2016 at 5:10 PM

Imagine always stepping out of your front door and always seeing something new every time.

Imagine your daily boost starts with the courage and ends with landing amongst the shore.

Imagine always facing your fears, imagine always wearing the scars.

Is this all really but, "A Dream Within A Dream".

Mabel Athena

The Ebbing Tide

Posted by Mabel Athena on October 9, 2016 at 11:30 AM

Tucked between mosaics of Pearls stood The Ebbing Tide

Arrows marked the dawn of a New Day by setting the scene

Howling at the Heavens sprang the desire of Rippled Perfection

Never again did any Quake shiver cores, nor Erupt the Element of Peace

Found inside the Chamber of Eternal Bliss

Mabel Athena

Beauty Is To Be Adorned

Posted by Mabel Athena on October 6, 2016 at 7:50 PM

As Sirens wispered to Merchants

So did Cupid to Rosalind

Holding up Oktoberfest Beer Steins

And toasting to Life

Beauty is to be Adorned 

Like candles within a room

Like the Moon within the nights sky

Beauty is to be Adorned

And drowned with your surroundings

Like a WonderLand of Love and Grace

Beauty is to be Adorned 

Mabel Athena

Joost Vande Vondel, Poet Dutch Imperialism

Posted by Mabel Athena on September 23, 2016 at 5:35 AM

Interepretation of: Quoted in David Ogg, Europe in the Seventeenth Century

During a time when artitsts felt fear to express their opinions, thoughts, and beliefs; A poet by the name of Joost Vande Vondel, of Dutch Imperialism, hid reasoning behind a literary mase.

Masking present day saloons of Amstel with mugs of, "All nations accepted except Carrie". And predicting phallus' would make merchants compete with sea sickness. The only option left would be competing for a new western world through the politics of dogmas. Leaving the once Nomads of mating cousins, who worshipped one god, to rule over the glitter splender of talking photos.

Mabel Athena

The Transparent Film of Elegance

Posted by Mabel Athena on September 19, 2016 at 9:45 PM

Stockings of opaque colourings. Stocked with skin colours to match. Some are nude, some theatrical ~ to show no imperfections. Holstered up with suspenders. While other's tuck tummies. When will corsets end, And natural fertility goddesses Reign Supreme? Etch out knee highs. Stamp it in time. For Poe's Poetry screams, "Oh, Hello'

Mabel Athena

Grimm is the Tale

Posted by Mabel Athena on August 28, 2016 at 8:00 PM

Within the Elfin Grove


Stood a Cobbler


Full of Faery galore


Holding synonyms full of idioms


Disguised as Newsies on Oxford's road


Washed away all the cares of the world


By simply putting happiness at the front door


And opened the gates of chilled out awesomeness


For all to adore



Mabel Athena

Theodosia Goodman

Posted by Mabel Athena on August 28, 2016 at 10:30 AM

Rulers of Advertising

Seated comfortably within HollywoodLand

Fort Lee cruises pleasantly with a Theda Bara Way

While Fox burned all traces of A Fool There Was

An Epic indeed

Mabel Athena


Posted by Mabel Athena on August 27, 2016 at 1:05 PM

Flow with the script of Plato's brush

For the existence of 4 armed creatures surfaced

With all 4 legs climbed onto the clouds

2 faces whispered in each others ears

While a Bolt of Lightning split them in 2

Flow with the script of Plato's brush

Landing on grounds of mud

Ripe for harvesting, they planted an Olive seed

And watched it grow

Flow with the script of Plato's


As the ashes of Socrates flowed with The Colors of The Wind

Mabel Athena

Writing On The Wall ~ The Fall of Babylon

Posted by Mabel Athena on August 25, 2016 at 10:25 PM

Just like having a Vision board remind you of all the things that you want to be mentally focused on constantly to help bring to life, so are the symbols of faith to help govern society. Some are flashy, some are scary, some are sad, some are exaggerated, some do not need any at all and just come knocking on your door, so on and so forth. The Pendulum of Grace sways both ways. Inflicting fear on those that need to be reminded constantly that actions have consequences helps keep order within Civilzations. Set the scene, 3000 degrees. Celtic Mythology has some scary looking consequences. Some people just need visual and mental 'spankings'. But on the same page, that belief comes to life and torments the soul with heavy darkness. All of this is considered lower vibrations which will attract its likeness. It's a tale as old as time. Imagine always having beautiful and positive images all around you, pushing your vibrations higher which in turn grants blissful thoughts - that formula sways to Merry Lucky Days. 

Mabel Athena

Travel With Me As I Explore The Wells Of Perception

Posted by Mabel Athena on August 24, 2016 at 10:40 PM

Travel with me as I explore the wells of perception.

There have been countless tales within the Ancient World of Demigods. The most popular to date is Jesus Christ. So why is he called the son of God and not a Demigod? Is it safe to say that the hearts of the readers would pity the death more of a decendent of the Divine, than trying to justify how a Being that is part god could succumb to a mortal death? Or were Ancient Myths the reason for the change of words to shift the perception of Humanities thinking to discredit Ancient Symbolism? 

Travel with me as I explore the wells of perception. 

Society has deemed calling upon Angels, that have selective designated purposes, as normal and okay. But calling upon Ancient Energy of the same selective designated purposes is frowned upon. Is it because flipping words around changes inner power to outer power, or is it only a writer's mind that can grasp the notion of the power of being a WordSmith and the symbolic meanings of mental entertainment during a time where only visual art and fanciful tales were common past time? Or is everything really just Womb Envy as detailed symbolically within the Myths of The Hittite Empire and other Myths of the surrounding areas?

Travel with me as I explore the wells of perception.

Mabel Athena


Posted by Mabel Athena on August 24, 2016 at 7:55 PM

Come back gentle soul

For you I lay back all the stones

As infinite as the beams from starry nights

Guardian of The Great Library

Come back gentle soul

For Pride and Ego justified immoral actions

Muses are granted epiphanies

None of which warrant ridicule

Come back gentle soul

For Pride and Ego justified immoral actions

The down side of anthropomorphic minds

There has never been a beginning and there will never be an end

An endless maze for fools

Only evolved eyes can grasp that notion

Imagine Creation

Every culture has their own Creation Myth

For the symbolisms of Primordials hold great depth in meaning

Every culture within the same area has a Flood Myth

Common sense grants the reasoning of a shift in climate

How many Dooms Days have to pass for Humanity to grasp it is all in the Mind

Come back gentle soul

Guardian of The Great Library 

For you I lay back all the stones

As infinite as the beams from starry nights

Mabel Athena

The Scant Has To Be Understood Before the Copious

Posted by Mabel Athena on August 23, 2016 at 10:25 PM

Understanding the Divine Power of whatever magical force you believe to be grander than your own warrants a copious understanding of Infinite Energy, overwhelming the human psyche. Like our intellectual ancestors have done, the Divine Energy was divided into compartments. Making it easier for others to comprehend Divine Power - in sections. Harnessing targeted energy becomes easier. Imagine a high rise building. Brilliant and breathe taking, but every window captures a different perception. Those vantage points do not take away from the high rise, just heightens the bigger picture. Imagine the vantage point a person gains when on the roof top of the high rise building. The panoramic view becomes spell bounding. On the same page, imagine always looking out the same window of the second floor. Your imagination is capped. That is all the mind will ever know and ever see. Explore the Wells of Perception. Keep flipping notions while climbing up stairs to dive down deeper, leading you into your own bliss. A bliss that is untouched. The scant has to be understood before the copious is allowed. When energy is fully comprehended, the perception that every belief is valid and true can be easily seen from the roof top of the high rise building. Ego and Pride creates blinders, hindering perception by focusing on a straight line and never allowing the mind to venture into peripheral vision. Desires are manifested within dogmas because of being unaware of our own powers when collectively focusing on energy, willing it into existence. Like Ford said, 'Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, either way you are right'. Become more aware of your thoughts; imagination governs your surroundings and your perception within those surroundings. 

Mabel Athena